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The applications:
  • IBT Authoring
  • IBT Content Conversion
  • IBT Web Content Management
expand the IBT SERVER into a comfortable, powerful application for creating and managing Websites, content, courses and communities.
IBT Authoring is a Web-based authoring and editing tool for use even by authors with no knowledge of HTML or XML.
In this context time2know Content Solution may be interesting for you, if you are planning to build up authoring competency in your company, learning workflows and easy creation of content step by step.

IBT Content Conversion offers content production at the touch of a button. It is especially designed for authors with no knowledge of HTML or XML. Using IBT Content Conversion, it takes just a few seconds for authors to convert a Word scenario into a carefully designed, navigable interactive learning content.

The new Web Content Management System offers you an easy to use and high performing interface for the setup of your campus websites.

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