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IBT SERVER software is a leading international system that is used to manage the central HR, learning, information and knowledge processes in numerous enterprises and organizations.

As a modular, platform-independent system, IBT SERVER software is highly flexible with a large range of functions for optimum performance.
International standards and interfaces guarantee compatibility with the leading IT architectures and long-term protection for your investment.

The comprehensive, cutting-edge IBT SERVER software architecture is perfect for use in a heterogeneous DV infrastructure.
User-friendly workspaces and desktops ensure easy administration and use of IBT SERVER software.

The various IBT applications cover all aspects of modern HR, learning, information and cooperation processes.

IBT Applications in the fields of
Learning, Authoring, Business, Information und Competence allow a step-by-step setup of your solution according to your demand.

The innovative IBT Application Farm introduces an advanced approach to integrate social media-applications into a company's training and knowledge processes in a professional and flexible way - "emergent social software platforms" in accordance with IT-Governance.

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