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Privacy Statement


We attach great importance to protecting personal data such as name, address, telephone numbers and e-Mail addresses, and we operate our Website in line with current data protection and data security legislation. We do not collect any personal data via our Website without your consent. You, and you alone, decide whether you wish to make such data available to us or not.

Your personal data are used to inform you about our products and services, or to process your order. We shall neither sell your personal data to third parties nor market them in any other way.

Upon request, we shall inform you in writing, as quickly as possible and in line with current legislation, whether we hold any personal data on you, and if so, what the nature of that data is.

If, in spite of our efforts to ensure that data are accurate and up to date, we appear to have incorrect information, it will be rectified upon your request.

You will find detailed information on data protection and the data we process when you visit our website in the data protection declaration linked here: Data Protection Declaration

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