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TMHYL – The Podcast – #19 Joe Dunlap „If you are learning you are growing!“

Joe Dunlap is an organizational learning and development practitioner with over 20 years collaborating with executive leadership, mid-level management and individual contributors for organizations such as NASA, Molson Coors, Harely Davidson and Cornell University to determine the capabilities, capacities and competencies needed to drive vision, strategy, innovation, and growth.

Joe is an unapologetic advocate for the transition of learning and development from traditional to transformational mindsets and practices having written over 160 articles on LinkedIn, being a frequent workshop keynote, presenter and panelist, and guest of several podcasts.

“If we really want to help individuals learn and perform better, we need to stop relying on a course or workshop and focus our efforts on when, where and how people do their work. It’s about the entire work ecosystem and formal learning makes up a very small percentage of it.”

Joe has a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Human Resource Management from Northeastern University in Boston, MA and a masters in Adult/Technical Education and Organizational Development from Texas State University and a PhD in learning from failing.

„If you are learning you are growing. If you ain’t growing, what are you doing?“
„According to science we know very little about how the brain learns. Think about that the next time someone says or something advertises, “learning science.”“
„If workshops, courses, and eLearning (formal learning) really improved performance we wouldn’t still be having the same conversation about them for the last 15 years.“
„Don’t get caught up in the hyperbole about VR, AP AI, UX, LXD and so on. If you are using them for formal learning, you are still only addressing the 10% of learning which is probably why we are still seeing the same lack of performance improvement results“
„Formal learning can help solve lack of knowledge or skills, but real learning and performance improvement is accomplished through continued practice, survival, curiosity and reflection. It has to become a habit for the learner which we can and should help facilitate.“

Listen to our new episode with him here!

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